• British Commercial Luxury_Showers_TVC_ (Mastered with Thunder at 31pct).mp30:44
  • Nissan_Patrol_F.mp30:40
  • Noah No More Monsters11:56
  • Animation1:11
  • The Division Promo0:08
  • PSA Clyde the White Alligator0:18
  • McDonald's Fruity Salad0:20
  • Accents0:59
  • British Elephant story1:00
  • IVR1:31
  • Narration2:07
  • Lenovo Legion0:17
  • 80 year old woman0:29
  • Toy App0:15

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Tracy Elman american female voice-over voiceover talent

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Tracy Elman American Female Voice-over Voiceover Talent


Voiceovers that come ALIVE

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