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Tracy has a storyteller's tone that is wonderfully appealing. Whether reading a children’s book or announcing a promotional event, she’s easy to listen to and authentic with a rich tone. She can sound conversational or commercial with ease. The bonus was she taught me so much about improving my script for better results! I highly recommend her and plan to work with her again.  

         David Seagraves Trepmoola CEO

“Tracy is truly delightful to work with! Her attention to detail in her performances makes editing her tracks into our projects a breeze.” 
    Penny Abshire, Creative Director, 

        The Commercial Clinic, San Diego, California

        You are fantastic, you’re very good! :) 
        Shane J. Cormier - CEO Idiom Talent Agency     

Insight Video  Los Angeles, California 


    This children's book is beautifully narrated by Tracy Elman. Her voice is soft and soothing with emotion and love and feels like story time at the local library.  

         Perry Martin Book Reviews

       "The author has written in a wonderfully magical way about this very special time of year, and cleverly hidden in the story, messages for children."              

              Susan Keefe, CEO Audiobook Monthly

    Tracy has written in a wonderfully magical way about this very special time of year, and cleverly hidden in the story, messages for children about the virtues working together, keeping promises, and of course being good all year so Santa will come.

       -Susan Keefe -France

    Three words: total rock star!" 
        Donna Summers Voice Over Casting  

    Tracy, your work is excellent!!!! You are extremely talented. You put so much energy and life into your characters. When I was listening to your animation clips, I felt the emotions of the characters as if y brought them to life. I read your bio and you have a great deal and a variety of experience. I think you can do anything. Keep em coming!! I know you have done some, but I'd like to see you do more TV commercials.  
         Mark Berg 

     My grandchildren love your books.

         Anne Marie Whalley, Santa Clarita, CA

    Tracy pays special attention to great customer service and quality.

        Matthew Harris SCV, CA

    Tracy, has an AMAZING voice, and is doing AMAZING things with it! Tracy has a marvelous handle on story narration and character interpretation. Please keep up the great work!    

        Patrick D. Quance, Staples, MN

    "Tracy Elman, voice-over expert with experience in television commercials, product training and radio/TV promos. Tracy's voice captivates children. She brings our Audio books to life."

         D.C. Rush, Author, retired School Admin DC, Rush Books

I've known Tracy for several years. She's a talented and qualified professional with everything she does. It's been a pleasure knowing and working with her.

           James Alburger,  Owner, Cigma Media

11 times Emmy Award Winner, Executive Producer, Engineer at VoiceActing Studios,  San Diego State University & Award winning Author, San Diego, CA

My students were captivated. 

          Fran Snyder, Roanoke Virginia

Tracy's voice is soothing. The way she tells the story is a favorite in my classroom.     

         Carly S. Santa Clarita, CA

My kids listened to Christmas Under Water four times in a row and thought it was about them each time. They keep asking for more.     

          Cindy B. San Fernando Valley, CA 

The stories Tracy tells on CD is amazing. The patients love it. They smile while listening to her. It helps with their morale. They request her CD's. She puts a lot of passion into the story.       

         Dale K. Mission Hills

I was pleased and impressed with Tracy Elman's audio version. She creates a visual impact with words. I look forward to listening to her compassionate voice in other audio performances.      

         Babs D. Woodland Hills, CA  

“Tracy reads our books with enthusiasm, bringing smiles to both children and adults. Children will adore Tracy's style.”      

         DC Rush Books"


         Paul J. Warwick, Paul J Warwick Voiceovers 

“Tracy is one of the most creative people I know. Fresh ideas, innovative concepts, and the skills to bring those thoughts to life.”

         Joe Buchel, PresidentFailsafe Media

"Tracy is a natural." 

        Delores Diehl

        The Voiceover Connection Hollywood, California“

Tracy's voice can set many different stages. Comforting, cool or smart. Silly, sexy or corporate. She's the kid sister who grew up beautiful, successful and wise. You want her on your team.”   

        Hélène Janover, Voice Actor

"Enthusiasm, professionalism and a great smile are what come to mind with Tracy. a must have on your contact list!”

        Helene Jaubert, VoiceOver Artist  

“Tracy is the definition of tech-savvy, always knowing the current trends and latest technologies to help your business.”

        Jeff Beyers, President Home Theater Experts, Lakeland, Florida

“She's got a sweet, youthful voice. Very easy to listen to!”

        Rick Lance 

“Tracy always has a positive attitude. Brings a refreshing energy to any situation.”

         JB Lake Zurich, IL

“Very up-to-date and on the go.” 

        Peter Chen, Actor/Director

“Tracy has a beautiful voice and is very talented.”   

       Madeleine Blanchi Video and Photo Production Skatetrix Sport Company 

"It was a lot of fun working with you on set."  

        John Butler High Voltage Entertainment, Hollywood, California  ~Pizza Commercial~

“Tracy is a constant source of new ideas. Creative, passionate, and fun to be around.”

         Michael D. Harville

"You have the best voice I have ever worked with. You made my job easy. Thank you." 

        Dj Prodigy Los Angles, California

“Tracy's background, experience and dedication would be an asset to any organization. Her attention to detail and rational would put her in a position as an authority.”    

       Bill Harris, VP Sales, EVER GLO MARKETING SERVICES, LLC Simi Valley, California 

James R. Alburger Sep 08

I've known Tracy for several years. She's a talented and qualified professional with everything she does. It's been a pleasure knowing and working with her.

James Alburger

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  • May 2017 Member Bestselling Authors International Organization 
  • Voices HomeSmart Videos, Misc Real Estate videos 
  • Voiced McDonalds commercial, Pizza Man... 
  • January 2016 Nominated for 2016 EIPPY Awards "The Big Idea"
  • October 21, 2015 Winner of two 2015 EIPPY Awards and two Medals for "Santa's Snowy Adventure" and "My Creative Thoughts" 
  • August 27, #1 Amazon International Best Seller "My Creative thoughts"
  • June 5, 2015 #1 Amazon International Bestseller in FOUR countries!! "Santa's Snowy Adventure" and in three categories.
  • August 2015, Nominated for two EIPPY Awards, (audio/print)
  • April, 2015 Official SAG (Screen Actors Guild) BookPAL
  • April 2015, "Santa's Snowy Adventure" received the eLit Bronze Medal Award for #1 Best children's book (ages 2-7) of 2015 
  • "Robby’s Quest Ocean Bound" audio 2012 B.R.A.G. MedallionTM Honoree 
  • Three time judge for SAG-AFTRA Awards
  • December 2011, Tracy Elman ranked in the Top 10, 2012 and 2013, in the top 5, among voice over professionals in Los Angeles by Thumbtack.com​​


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